Shining Stars Pediatric Therapy Facility

Our clinic offers your family and child a friendly and safe atmosphere with four treatment rooms, a sensory art room with surround sound technology for Therapeutic Listening, a kitchen, and a fully equipped sensory gym with a one way looking glass.

Our sensory gym allows for gross motor play therapy which assists in body awareness and overall strengthening using a variety of instruments including:

  • Loft
  • 4 Foot SlideCrash Mats
  • Balance Boards
  • Nylon Tunnel Tubes
  • Tire, Hammock, and Platform Swings
  • 10 Foot Ramp for Scooter Boards
  • Trapeze Bar
  • Glider Swing
  • And much more…

Our clinic’s grounds also accommodate outside play such as an obstacle course, bicycle and scooter riding, and water play.