Shining Stars Pediatric Therapy

Full Therapeutic Services for the Children in our Community

Shining Stars Pediatric Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Shining Stars Pediatric Therapy

Physical Therapy

Shining Stars Pediatric Therapy

Speech Therapy

If your child suffers from Gross Motor Development, a Neuromuscular disorder or Cerebral Palsy, our licensed physical therapists can help to enhance range of motion, motor functions and overall strength and mobility.

Our licensed speech therapists are experienced at isolating common physical conditions as well as speaking and language disorders in order to work with your child to enhance their clarity and ease of speech.

If your child has trouble with every day activities such as eating, coloring or getting dressed, our licensed Occupational Therapists can get to the root of their frustration to help them become more comfortable in every day life.

Our therapists are experienced at working with children who experience sensory processing issues, including those with Autism Spectrum disorder, who are easily overwhelmed by every day situations.

Feeding therapy can help children with issues such as extreme food selectivity or trouble with the physical process of eating or drinking. Our experienced therapists can help to identify the roof of your child’s problem and work with them to improve their feeding skills.

Visual Perceptual

Shining Stars Pediatric Therapy specializes in helping children with visual processing disorders such as dyslexia, as well as children with audio and visual perception disorders who often struggle in a classroom setting.

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